Endless Yearning Most Versatile Running Belt [water-resistant and sweat-proof] Review


Whether you like going to the gym or running around the park, you definitely know how challenging it is to find a reliable belt bag that can carry all of your essentials.

From your phone and car keys to IDs, credit card, and cash, the Endless Yearning Running/Travel Belt has got you covered. This versatile little pack is among the many belt pack choices that you can choose from to make your exercise sessions a lot more productive.

Living an active lifestyle requires you to invest in clothing and gears that offer a great impact on overall productivity.

When going to the gym or even when just taking a walk around the park, we all struggle to find ways to bring all of our essentials — be it our phone, cash, credit cards, keys, or IDs. Exercise clothes are, most of the time, not designed with even a single pocket. This is where and when belt bags come in handy.

If you also feel our struggle, check out the Endless Yearning Running/Travel Belt. This waist pack is intelligently designed not to cause chafing and is the trusted go-to belt bag for runners, joggers, marathoners, and other fitness enthusiasts.

Great for running, hiking, walking the dogs, travel, and for a festival. It’s slim, so it’s easily hidden under clothes.

Compared with other belt bags on the market today, Endless Yearning boasts a number of pockets that are specially designed to carry your phone, credit card, cash, passport, IDs, and keys all at the same time.

In addition to being a versatile belt bag for running and exercise activities, this belt bag is also a great choice for frequent travelers. It provides easy access to travel essentials such as credit cards, IDs, passport, and cash.

You can also rely on this belt to be your go-to pouch when running errands.

Unlike other belt bags, the Endless Yearning is made from a soft neoprene backing that is water-resistant and sweat-proof material. It’s designed to be the number one choice of belt bags for women, men, and even children.

What Makes Endless Yearning Running/Travel Belt Stand Out

The Endless Yearning Running/Travel Belt is a functional, stylish, and practical belt bag designed for women, men, and children. If you are wondering what makes this belt bag stand out from other waist packs on the market, check out this list of features, pros, and cons to find out.


  • Less bulky compared to other belt bags
  • Made from a water-resistant and sweat-proof material
  • Large pocket – 7.5 inches by 3.5 inches – and it stretches
  • Can carry phone, pedometer, pepper spray, water flask, cash, keys, IDs, and more
  • Perfect for theme park, concert, jogging, errand running
  • Pockets for inhaler, epi pens, insulin kit, and heart monitor
  • Can be worn against skin
  • Causes no chafing


  • Fits the hips perfectly and does not bounce
  • Numerous pockets designed for phone, cash, credit card, ID, keys, and more
  • Has a soft neoprene backing that is sweat- and rain-proof
  • Can be used by runners, hikers, and other fitness enthusiasts
  • Designed with an earphone port
  • Has a reflective stripe for added safety
  • Made from sturdy material that can survive many washes
  • Machine-washable
  • Stretchy, adjustable waistband
  • Provides a lot of room but less bulky than other belt bags


  • Only comes in one color
  • Does not have a designated space for a water tumbler

In summary, what makes the Endless Yearning among the best belt bags on the market today is the convenience it gives to its users. It can carry a lot of stuff but also remain less bulky compared to other choices. It has specially designed pockets as well as an earphone port perfect for those who enjoy listening to music while running or hitting the gym.

If you decide to invest in this firm belt, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money. It is made from a very sturdy material that is water-resistant and sweat-proof. It is also both hand- and machine-washable so you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean.

You can use this even when running errands or tending to your garden

This product is not only designed for runners, joggers, and fitness enthusiasts, it can also be used to carry medication, heart monitor, insulin kit, and much more. Some even use a sleek belt like this when running errands or tending to their gardens.

The Endless Yearning Running/Traveling Belt also comes in handy for travelers as it provides them with an easily accessible pouch that can carry various travel essentials such as passport, credit cards, cash, IDs, and phone. Additionally, because of its slim design, this product can also easily be concealed under one’s t-shirt or jacket.

Endless Yearning compared to other products

Another versatile belt bag that is making a name for itself in the industry is CyberDyer Running Belt Waist Pack.

It comes in three colors such as black, rose, and green. It has an adjustable waistband and a phone pocket that can comfortably fit a six-inch phone. This water-resistant waist pack also has a flexible and adjustable belt that is made from a lightweight material.

Just like the belt from Endless Yearning, this product is also designed with an earphone port for easy music streaming when working out. The only feature that this product does not have compared to Endless Yearning is the silver reflective strip. This very important feature is an added safety measure for those running during the night.

The Verdict

When all is said and done, we can confidently say that the Endless Yearning Running/Travel Belt is a good investment. It is a very handy, fashionable, and functional waist pack that is perfect for women, men, and children.

With this waist pack, you can be sure that your valuables are well-protected because it is made from a sturdy material that is also water-resistant (not to held underwater) and sweat-proof.

Sweat-proof and water-resistant design protects your phone.

This intelligently designed waist pack has pockets designated for a smartphone, credit cards, cash, keys, and other essentials. It even has an earphone outlet design so you can listen to music while your phone or music player is securely stored inside.

Endless Yearning Running/Travel Belt is a unisex product. When fastened and not stretched, its waist measures 26 inches to 30 inches long. However, when stretched, it can reach up to about 40 inches.

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