Infographics about Running

Common Fears of Running a Marathon
Common fears of marathon runners, like "Bad Weather" or "Coming Last", are nowhere near amongst the mud runners 🙂 Source:[...]
How to Start Running
One of my Favourites about how to start running. It is this simple 🙂 Source:
Fun and Wacky Running Races
The mission of these events is to bring people together and make the world a happier, healthier place. There are[...]
Benefits of Drinking Water
There is an endless number of benefits provided by water when you do your exercise and on your typical day.[...]
How Not to Run a Marathon
There is plenty of useful information out there about how to run a marathon, but this infographic shows you How[...]
Are Mud Runs More Popular than Marathons?
Exciting infographics from a few years back about the popularity of mud runs. Mud runs are more accessible, social and[...]