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How To Move Your Arms When Running

Do you know that running and making use of incorrect arm mechanics could cost you a lot of energy, time, and bring about lower back pain? It doesn’t matter whether you are running a marathon or even 10k race; your arms play an important role when it comes to how you run.Many runners think that […]


How To Run With Your Phone Without an Armband?

When you run, it makes a lot of sense to carry your smartphone along with you. You may need it to call for help when you get into trouble or consult a map if you get lost on the way. You may also need it to listen to podcasts or music, snap pictures or to […]


Does listening to music help you run better?

Do you love listening to music while you run? Is it true that music can actually help you run faster? Do certain beats help boost your performance? Read on to find out more. Music can help you run longer, faster, and more comfortable. Research carried out by Professor Costas Karageorghis, a specialist on the effects of […]


Wrap It With A Run: The Best Gifts For Runners who have everything

Giving a gift is a walk in the park. It’s choosing what gift to give that’s the nightmare. Although it’s always the thought that counts, it won’t hurt to put in the effort in choosing the perfect and unique gift for our loved ones who enjoy a run…or two…or a couple!With the season of giving […]


The #1 Running Form Mistake – Don’t stride like in Baywatch

Running is simple, just grab a pair of running shoes, and put one foot in front of the other. But that doesn’t mean it’s free of pitfalls. Proper running form can help you save energy, prevent injuries, increase performance, while making sure you are having fun on your runs. Typical running form mistakes are overstriding and heel […]


Running and back pain – 4 tips for the newbie runner

Running is an excellent exercise for your respiratory and circulatory systems. Think about your breathing, lungs, heart, bloodstream and so on. And the mind rejuvenates as well when you are on the run. But, there are some things you should take into consideration. Especially if you haven’t been running before. In the early stages of […]


The Best Running Gear: 18 Running Bloggers Share Their Favorites

If you love running then you know how important is to have the best running gear. Running feels amazing, liberating. You get out from your home and you start running, you have more energy and your brain releases endorphins that make you feel good about yourself.Running helps you lose weight and get in shape. But […]


The top five fitness trends

Now you should register for group training lessons and especially for HIIT training, as they are predicted to fill out fast this year. The American College of Sports Medicine announced an extensive annual survey of next year’s sports and fitness trends. According to the study, in 2018 the socialization of sport and its importance in […]


How to Hold Your Phone While Running for Absolute Convenience and Safety

Running is one of those activities that doesn’t require a lot of things besides a good pair of running shoes. A phone is one accessory that most of us want to take with us on the run.Whether you want to:listen to music or podcasts,use a fitness tracking app,snap pictures,make a call,or be ready for an […]

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