Do You Need Running Underwear? Discover Benefits of Wearing Them

It’s not just running shoes that make runners feel great. There are many benefits to wearing proper running clothes, including underwear.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether you need running underwear. We’ll also explain why you should invest in a pair of running undergarments.

Wearing running-specific underwear has many benefits. But do you really need undies when running? Well, it depends on what kind of running shorts you have.

Running Underwear vs. Regular Underwear: What’s the Difference?

Running underwear is different than regular undies because it provides support and comfort during exercise.

If you’re looking for workout underwear, consider these features:

  • Breathable fabric keeps sweat away from the skin
  • Moisture-wicking technology pulls sweat off the body and carries it away from the skin
  • Elastic waistband fits comfortably under clothing
  • Comfortable material feels soft against the skin
  • Provides support and stability when wearing loose pants
  • Available in many styles, including compression underwear, training briefs, and jock straps

And since workout underwear is designed to fit snugly against your body, it doesn’t move during exercise, making it perfect for long-distance runs.

They keep you cool when temperatures rise and warm when temps drop.

Who Needs Running Underwear?

Specific running underwear isn’t probably necessary for beginner runners. There is very little chance of chafing for a short daily 30-45 minutes run. You can get by without a pricey pair of running undergarments.

Running underwear is worth trying if you run long distances regularly. Chafing can be a problem during long runs. You can prevent chafing by wearing running undies that keep your legs from rubbing against each other.

You know how uncomfortable they can be if you run in cotton undies and sweat a lot. In that case, athletic undergarments could be beneficial to you.

When starting out, running undergarments may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, ditching those cotton lingerie may make your workouts more comfortable.

What Kind of Bottom Do You Wear? Do You Have Shorts With Built-In Liner?

First, you need to think about what kind of bottoms you have.

Do you have running shorts with a built-in liner? Then you don’t need to wear underwear. A built-in liner in running shorts is enough. Most running-specific shorts are genuinely designed to be worn without a pair of underwear.

If you don’t like the liner, you can, of course, use your own lingerie under it. But we’re adding an extra layer where it wasn’t intended.

You can even cut away the liner with scissors if it is inconvenient.

Do you have running tights or pants without a built-in liner? Or do you run with generic athletic shorts? Then you should wear your own preferred underlayer.

Linerless running shorts are available from some brands, so runners can wear whatever they like underneath.

Several companies manufacture undergarments specifically designed for running.

It would be best to wear thin running-specific lingerie that can easily fit under workout shorts.

  • Undergarments ensure modesty and coverage, and protection from chafing.
  • Supportive briefs help men to prevent uncomfortable bouncing.
  • Women need protection during their menstrual cycle.

You might be able to get another run out of the same shorts before washing them if you use briefs. With undies, you are not sweating directly on the running shorts, which might last longer. But anyway, you have to wash your delicates more often.

Running With Tights

Tights are the same as shorts: some have built-in liners, and some don’t. One primary concern with tights is that they reveal more than many would like. Furthermore, sweat plays a role.

To keep you comfortable and looking good, it is necessary to keep you dry everywhere (whether it’s a built-in liner or your own underclothing).

Undergarments with tights are more common among guys, especially in cold weather.

Benefits of Running Specific Underwear

1. Prevents Chafing

Chafing is when skin rubs against another skin surface, causing irritation and discomfort. Running-specific briefs help prevent this problem because it provides cushioning between the skin and the fabric.

2. Wicks Sweat

When sweat builds up inside clothing, and your body temperature rises, it causes discomfort and chafing.

To avoid this problem, wear running-specific undies that wick sweat better than a usual garment. This type of underwear with synthetic material absorbs moisture. It keeps it away from the skin, preventing uncomfortable buildups of sweat.

3. Provides Support And Stops Bouncing

For male runners, there is definitely a need for support. Running can cause your vital body parts to jolt too much. That’s where specific undies come in handy. Running-specific briefs provide support and control bouncing.

Running shorts that have a built-in liner should provide adequate support. But to keep everything intact, you should have an underlayer with running shorts that don’t have built-in underwear.

4. Keeps You Comfortable

Athletic underwear keeps you comfortable when running as they have a snug fit.

Compared to regular underwear, there is some compression.

The elastic waistband keeps the undies in place to prevent chafing.

5. Helps With Durability

You don’t need to wash your running shorts so often when you have boxer briefs.

Materials used in athletic underwear are durable. The fabric should be soft enough to allow freedom of movement yet strong enough to withstand repeated washing.

Fabrics have antimicrobial and anti-odor treatments to keep them fresh. But wash your lingerie regularly to avoid odor buildup. They are made of quick-drying material, so it won’t take too long to let them air-dry.

Consider buying active underwear from big brands that offer quality athletic clothing if you want to make your high-quality performance underwear last longer.

The Bottom Line

While running undergarments may seem like an unnecessary purchase (and they are pricier than regular undies), they can make running more comfortable.

So when running seriously, it’s best to wear running undies!

And if you sweat a lot, use running lingerie with moisture-wicking material instead of regular cotton undies!

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