Should You Wear Underwear With Running Shorts? (Liner Yes or No?)

You can wear running shorts with a liner without underwear. However, it is a personal preference and not a rule.

In this article, we look at whether you should wear underwear with running shorts that have a built-in liner.

Most shorts that are explicitly made for running have a liner inside. Few people might find this uncomfortable, while others become so acquainted with it that they don’t see any difference. 

The extra cloth offers similar protection to your body, i.e., to protect you from chafing.

However, individuals need running underwear for various reasons. There are some benefits, as underwear serves more purposes than protection from abrasion.

Actually, some running shorts have underwear built-in, and some do not (most have). You may be wondering, why do running shorts have built-in underwear? And note that there are different types of running shorts for different activities, with different kinds of liners.

Do You Wear Underwear With Running Shorts? – Yes, or No?

Here is more information on what it means to wear underwear with running shorts.

All you have to remember is that comfort matters. Everything else is your choice.

It depends on the type of running trunks you choose. Since there are several types in the market, you cannot generalize them all together. Looking at them one by one can give you a better idea.

1. Lined Running Shorts

Most top-brand running shorts come with a built-in liner. The breathable, thin lining material helps in keeping you cool.

While it is sufficient for these loose trunks to wear without underwear, it feels uncomfortable if you do. If you choose the wrong material or type of underwear, it leads to chafing.

2. Boxer-Brief Style 

Shorts with thicker lining fall under the boxer-brief style. They have slight compression, offering more support but leaving less room for extra clothing.

So, it is not advisable to wear a layer of underwear under such shorts.

3. Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are not explicitly marked as running trunks, but it is a popular style with runners for their versatility.

They are available in various lengths, offering a good choice for style and comfort. Few women prefer to wear thongs under this kind of shorts.

Compression shorts are snug-fitting as they are made of spandex or nylon. Only when they are in contact with your skin makes the compression effective.

So, you should skip the underwear to take full advantage of their support. They keep you light and dry during the run and hold the muscles in place.

4. Running Tights

If you wear underwear, you feel warm under running tights. It makes you sweat and diverts your focus from the workout.

However, they do not offer complete support for men. Especially if they are huge, a jockstrap or a long t-shirt or jacket can help maintain modesty.

5. Unlined Running Shorts

If you simply cannot part with your underwear and feel naked without them, unlined pair of short pants suit you.

As these shorts easily accommodate the extra layer of clothing, you can wear underwear comfortably under this type of running shorts.

Benefits of Liners in Running Shorts

Built-in liner in running shorts might seem like an extra headache for those who do not know the benefits they offer.

Once you learn to understand them, you might begin to appreciate them.

Here are the benefits for runners:

  • You can skip wearing any other underwear as they have built-in underwear
  • Allows freedom of movement without chafing
  • Absorbs sweat and keeps you dry for better athletic performance
  • It easily moves with you with the stretch it offers allowing a good range of motion
  • Especially for men, it helps in keeping everything tucked in

When Should You Wear Underwear With Running Shorts?

  • When the running shorts are loose-fitting or ill-fitting, it is mandatory to wear underwear. Otherwise, you won’t feel snug which makes you uncomfortable.
  • To maintain hygiene when you should wear the same shorts for week-long
  • If you are worried about discharging fluids
  • If you cannot tolerate the synthetic fabric of trunks near sensitive parts

Ideal Features for Running Shorts 

Absorbing moisture is an essential quality of workout clothes as you sweat a lot. When skin stays wet for a longer time, it is prone to several skin issues.

So, it is vital to keep yourself dry if workouts last for at least an hour. 

The moisture-wicking fabric serves this purpose. It absorbs moisture, keeps you dry, and helps you feel cooler. It is a specially engineered technical material that is thin, sweat-absorbing, and breathable.

If they have pockets sewn into the waistband, you can use them for securely storing small items such as keys.

Few long trunks have more oversized pockets, which help store snacks for lengthy training.

If you are a night runner, choose light-colored shorts with reflective straps. It keeps you safe even in the dark as you run along the roads at night.

Gender-Specific Advice

Male and female anatomy differs considerably under their short pants and their running shorts.

So, looking at their purpose with gender as classification makes sense.

For Women

  • Sweat might be an issue, and if the trunks are not absorbing the sweat properly, it might be best to wear underwear.
  • Discharges for various reasons might require an extra layer of protection and need underwear.
  • Suppose you are sensitive down there and cannot tolerate the fabric type of running shorts. In that case, it is better to wear underwear you are already accustomed to.
  • It feels icky and strange for no reason. Even then, the underwear provides you with a protective barrier. 

For Men

  • You need proper support to keep your things in place. So, ensure that the trunks can do that or wear underwear to serve this purpose.
  • For long runs to keep the heat away. Many layers of clothing make you heat up and sweat.
  • Get a running short with liner if your boxers are riding up and you find it annoying. You can go without boxers.

You Don’t Like Liners In Your Running Shorts?

However, if you find that underwear in shorts is bothering you and feel it is better to wear shorts without liner, you can simply snip them off. Be careful not to nick the shorts. Viola! You have the unlined shorts now.

Now you can choose running underwear that best suits your preferences: tighter, looser, thicker, or thin.

The Bottom Line

Remember that the more layers of clothing you wear, the more heat you trap down there. The region between your thighs needs to breathe and stay cool throughout your workout to help you focus. Since there is little chance to allow the heat to escape, you must keep the area free from accumulating it.

So, the key here is to provide enough support, protect, and allow proper breathing. If you follow these principles, whatever you do is acceptable and allowed for runners.

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