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Marathon running belt: Should I wear one?

Hydration is important, especially during training and competitions to refuel the muscles. It helps the body continue going and prevent injuries. That is why runners and athletes wear marathon running belt to keep them hydrated while in action. Whether you’ve been running marathons for quite some time or are a newbie to the running world, […]


Running belt manufacturers: Best sellers today

Whether you’re a runner or a running newbie, you need this one useful apparel as it allows you to bring your valuables. It’s not a bag that’s inconvenient and uncomfortable; it’s not a pouch that you need to hold while you run. It’s a running belt that keeps your hands free. This article features what […]


Plus-Sized Running Belt: Plus size guide to running

Running is not only for slim, curvy bodies. It looks hot to run in this kind of body, but seriously, you run because you want to burn fat, right? Before they achieved a runner’s body, there were many plus-sized runners too. So, if you have a plus-sized body, don’t be embarrassed: tie your shoes, put […]


Running during pregnancy with maternity running belt

Running while pregnant is not an easy task. It might be dangerous for some sensitive expecting moms. So, it is very necessary to constantly check up with your doctor before pounding the pavement while you are expecting. Since running or working out yields positive results for pregnant women, it is still important to follow your […]


 Running essentials 101: Waterproof running belt and more

Everybody knows that running is healthy way to get into shape. It does not only improve different body parts, but it also lifts your mood. It improves health, strengthens lungs and immune system, and more. Exercise is the easiest and cheapest form of exercise to keep an active body. But before going out for a […]


How to Wear a Running Belt

A lot of people today are getting more and more enamored with the concept of healthy living. One reason is that unlike before, there are so many gadgets and accessories that make working out more effective and fun. One great example of those is a running belt. Like shoes, a running belt or a waist […]

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