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How Music Can Help Runners?

Do you love listening to music while you run? Is it true that music can actually help you run faster? Do certain beats help boost your performance? Read on to find out more. Music can help you run longer, faster, and more comfortable. Research carried out by Professor Costas Karageorghis, a specialist on the effects of […]


The top five fitness trends for 2018

Now you should register for group training lessons and especially for HIIT training, as they are predicted to fill out fast this year. The American College of Sports Medicine announced an extensive annual survey of next year’s sports and fitness trends. According to the study, in 2018 the socialization of sport and its importance in […]


How much does a runner need hydration?

Drink, drink, drink lots of water! Everyone knows to drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration. But what does dehydration do to you? And what does over-drinking do to your body? You could say that dehydration is like a car running out of its coolant. The task of coolant is to cool the engine. The […]