Top 6 Fitness Trends for 2021

The pandemic has affected fitness trends throughout the world and will only continue to do so. A lot of the fitness trends predicted for this year are based on the conditions in 2020. 

Some are new, and others have been in the works only to become the following top trends. 

From virtual training to outdoor activities, here are the top five fitness trends for 2021!

1. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been on the rise and is predicted to be a top fitness trend for 2021. From young children to the elderly, everyone seems to be wearing them nowadays.

Consider them an addiction for fitness lovers – a way to track almost everything from their steps, sleep, calories, heart rate, and so much more.

The next time you step out, just notice how many people around you are wearing them.

2. Outdoor Activities 

Thanks to being cooped up indoors for almost a whole year due to COVID, a top fitness trend for this year will be outdoor activities, which doesn’t surprise us! With the possibility of gyms remaining closed for a while longer, people will just get up and get outdoors.

This includes going to the park, running around the block, or doing activities such as hiking. 


High-Intensity Interval Training has been hyped for a while now and will continue to be in 2021. It is the perfect form of exercise for millennials, given how quick and effective it is for weight loss.

The best part of this form of workout is that it is super flexible. It can be done anywhere, whether at the gym or at home, with or without weights, etc.

It is also excellent for lean muscle building and has the perfect balance between high-energy workouts and rest. 

4. Virtual Training

2020 marked a massive turn to virtual training and fitness, a trend that will continue to be huge this year too. It could be a while before people start to feel comfortable with face-to-face contact again.

The truth is that many people, including fitness enthusiasts, discovered during this period that they actually maybe even proffered this mode of working out. If you come to think of it, it saves a lot of time and money and can quickly be done from the comfort of your home.

Because of the increase in demand for it, it is also expanding and becoming better than ever.

A woman working out

5. Mind and Body Exercises

Again, thanks to all the chaos and stress brought over by the pandemic, people increasingly turned to exercises where they could relieve their mental stress too.

Yoga and pilates were the top ones and will continue to be a top fitness trend for this year, too, as people need a coping mechanism to deal with stress and anxiety.

6. Exercise in the comfort of your home

 Are you experiencing the fear of missing out while the gyms are closed due to the pandemic? 

Because most people work from home, they have plenty of time to exercise. Despite the closure of gyms and yoga studios, staying physically fit at home is possible as long as you commit to it. 

Here is a list of ways you can achieve your ideal physique within the comfort of your home.

1. Strength Training

Strength training has proven to be one of the most effective ways to stay fit and healthy. It refers to weights or resistance to tone the muscles and increase a person’s strength.

Unlike cardio, strength training involves various muscles to move your body against an external force. That external force can be created using your body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, resistance bands, or machines. 

As a result, it tones and strengthens your muscles, sheds off layers of extra fat and cellulite, improves brain function, alleviates cervical pain, improves posture, helps the body stay flexible, and elevates serotonin levels (the hormone that improves our mood).

There are various ways to perform strength training. Since it does not require you to hit the gym, you can quickly work out within the comfort of your home.

You can alter your exercise routine according to your preference as there are no fixed strength training methods.

Whether you are comfortable using a physioball, resistance bands, or a set of varying dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells, you can start working out almost immediately. 

2. Battle Ropes

Battle rope exercises play an essential role in strengthening your core. It involves a combination of cardio and strength training to train your abs, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, and arms.

Although it looks pretty intimidating to a lot of people, it is beginner-friendly. The diameter of a battle rope can vary from 1.5 to 2 inches.

  • All you need to do is attach the rope’s end to a fixed point, preferably a metal bracket loop.
  • Next, grab the ends of the rope tightly while keeping your body in a squatting position
  • Start making waves while moving the ropes alternatively with each hand.

3. Yoga

No matter how old it gets, yoga has always been a healthy way to move your body. It improves the balance and flexibility of the body, helps regulate sleeping patterns, and manages stress.

Whether you want to stretch on a fitness mat or in the comfort of your warm bed, you can efficiently perform yoga to strengthen your mind and body. Be it plank or flutter kicks, you can alter your poses according to your mood.

4. Jumping Jacks

When you feel numbness in your muscles after sitting on a chair all day, jumping jacks are your best friend!

They help improve back and shoulder pain and reduce the chances of developing carpal tunnel.

  • Start by standing straight with your feet together and arms resting on each side.
  • Next, while slightly bending your knees in a jump, make a circular motion with your hands to bring them to your head, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Repeat the same step 10 times to really burn some calories.

Each of these fitness trends is different from another and has its benefits. They will be the top fitness trends this year so keep a lookout for them!

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