How To Run With Your Phone Without an Armband? (3 Secure Ways)

When you run, it makes a lot of sense to carry your smartphone along with you. You may need it to call for help when you get into trouble or consult a map if you get lost on the way. You may also need it to listen to podcasts or music, snap pictures, or make use of a fitness tracking application.

But when it comes to carrying the phone, it becomes a whole new ball game altogether.

Many runners are at their wit’s end, trying to find the perfect way to keep their phones on their person.

Before now, all you had to do to secure your phone was to shove it into a sports bra, use an armband or carry it in your hand.

But carrying a phone in your sweaty palms is risky; you may drop it unintentionally or get your headphones tangled up somehow.

And though armbands have come a long way, not everyone likes to make use of them. This is because they are usually inaccessible, distracting, and constrictive.

And when you are holding something in your hand, like a water bottle, or a large new phone stuffed into an armband, you are not able to pump your arms nearly as fast as you should be to keep your pace up.

How to Run With Your Phone Without an Armband (Keep Your Arms Free)

So, the armband is probably the most popular way to carry the phone.

But if you want to move your arms freely, here are a few recommended ways of running with your phone without armbands:

1) Running belts

Running belts are safe and one of the best methods you can utilize to keep your mobile device or phone safe whenever you are sprinting.

Running belts have many benefits. They come with spaces or pockets that allow you to carry your smartphone, wallet, house keys, an energy bar, and even your driver’s license.

And with running belts, you can pump your arms without any restrictions.

Additionally, running belts are perfect for wilderness hikers, skiers, speed walkers, weightlifters, and anyone else who works out in a gym or exercises outdoors.

A great example of a comfortable running belt:

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2) Running shorts with phone pouches or pockets

The truth is, it is challenging to find running shorts that come with zippered pockets. There are so many different types of running shorts!

But if you are persistent, you will come across waterproof compression shorts with well-fitted pockets that can keep your phone and other valuables safe.

Although it may be a bit inconvenient to run with a phone in your pocket, you will eventually get used to it.

You will be able to run with your hands free of any encumbrance. You will run with peace of mind, knowing that your phone won’t fall out.

Example of a women’s model with a big waistband pocket:

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Men’s shorts with zippered pockets:

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3) Hydration belt

The primary purpose of a hydration belt is to carry water so that you can stay hydrated while sprinting.

Hydration belts come in different varieties, and the best one you should go for is the two or four-bottle belt. This is because with multiple bottles weight is distributed evenly.

Hydration belts also come with pockets that are usually large enough to hold your phone along with other stuff.

So you can swing your arms freely compared to having a phone and a water bottle in your hands.

Highly recommended model with 2 water bottles:

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The Bottom Line

It is essential for you as a diehard fitness enthusiast who wants to listen to music or use a tracking app while working out, to figure out a foolproof method of how to run with your phone and keep it safe.

This will enable you to run without having to leave your mobile device at home.

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