Fitness Path Hydration Running Belt Review

URPower Running Belt – Does It Make Running Easier and Fun?

Running has just been made a lot easier and fun, thanks to the URPOWER running belt.

It comes with multifunctional zipper pockets enabling you to carry your phones, money, keys, inhalers, and other essentials as you enjoy your run.

URPower Running Belt

It is not all as they also come with a hole where you can put your headphones and two pockets that exclusively carry water bottles on both sides so that users can stay refreshed at all times.

It will not pull you back as you try to run because it is made of neoprene material that makes it very light weighing less than 4.5 oz.

Users also appreciate the fact that the material is tear-resistant which means that you will use it for a very long time and it will still look new if you take great care of it.

You will also love the fact that the URPower Running Belt comes with a lifetime guarantee meaning you can get a refund anytime when you have an issue with the product.

It is something that will probably never happen because you will be impressed with this superior waist pack whether you are out walking, jogging, or running because it offers a convenient place to hold all the items you need on the go.

Features of URPower Running Belt

URPower Running Belt
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant neoprene material
  • An adjustable strap that users can fully adjust to accommodate a majority of waist sizes.
  • Ideal for numerous outdoor activities including boating, picnics, working out, running, cycling, climbing, traveling, etc.
  • Zipper pockets that enable users to carry their phones and other essential outdoor items (pocket size 6.5 inches)
  • Two additional pockets that are perfect for water bottles
  • A hole for earphone cables allowing a person to take calls or listen to music
  • The stylish appearance makes wearers look sharp regardless of whether they are men or women.
  • Dual function because you can use it as either a shoulder bag or a waist bag
  • Lifetime guarantee from manufacturers


When looking for an everyday running belt, nothing comes close to URPower running belt. It comes highly recommended for anyone who has ever tried it making it an industry leader when you compare it with other brands in the market. Some of the reasons that make it a top product include:

A lot of effort was put into making it a superior product. It is one of the reasons people enjoy a striking design that looks great around the waist and world-class quality with incredible strength.

The expandable pockets give you enough room to carry your key cards, wallet, IDs, energy bars, and power bank among many others.

You do not have to worry if you have a big phone because it is compatible with most large phones like iPhone plus.

You can bring enough water for your preferred activity thanks to the two pockets that fit water bottles.

The bottles do not leak; thus, you do not have to worry about making a mess as you go about your business.

In addition to running and other fitness activities, the belt is also ideal for travelers if you want to keep money and your passport safe.

Wearers never have to get bored when wearing the belt because it also comes with a headphone hole where you can listen to music well.

It also prevents unnecessary interruptions because you can also pick up calls without having to stop and remove your phone.


Regardless of the fact that there are numerous positive things to say about the product, it also comes with its set of cons.

For starters, it does not come in multiple sizes which means that some users will find that the straps are too long.

It also gives a busy look especially when a person has too many products which is not an attractive look.


Since many people have nothing short of praises for the URPower Running Belt, it is safe to say that it delivers excellent results in regards to storage, function, design, and build.

With lifetime guarantees, it goes without saying that they are confident that they have released a quality product ideal for people who like convenience.

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