StashBandz Unisex Travel Running Belt Review

StashBandz Running Belt Review (Waist Band for Exercise And Travel)

StashBandz is an all-in-one running belt, fitness belt, travel money belt, waist pack, medical device belt, and fashion fanny pack.

When you go for a quick run or workout at the gym, you usually bring some stuff with you like your phone, wallet, keys, or your jewelry.

You either have your pouch, or you place them in your pocket because you do not feel comfortable leaving them in the locker or somewhere else.

In this post, we will discuss the features of the StashBandz Running Belt and get to know what it can offer.

StashBandz Running Belt: Is This the Right Fit?

Bringing your stuff when you do your workout or when you go for a run may feel uncomfortable if you will have to hold a pouch all throughout.

You don’t want to lose or leave your valuables behind in your car or gym locker.

Placing your phone, earbuds, gym ID, wallet, cash, keys, or other valuables somewhere else or making them fit in your jogging pants or jacket pocket may cause you to lose valuable items while you are busy exercising.

StashBandz Running Belt

So, let’s find out how this StashBandz product will help you.

Hot to put it on?

StashBandz is a tubular hip belt without a buckle. It slips on like pants, so you basically step into it. You can also pull it over your head, and then place it around the lower waist or the hips.

It’s made from stretchy material, so it will fit either the waist or hip area over your running shorts, yoga pants, shorts, or jeans. You can keep it under your shirt or top. It can be completely concealed by a top if desired.

StashBandz Running Belt

Pull it up empty, and then fill it with your phone and other accessories. Or you can preload it, and then pull it up.

Pockets open at the top with a fold-over flap to keep items safe and secure. Inside one of the pockets, there is an invisible zipper pocket for extra safety.


You can choose from five sizes, ranging from X-Small to X-Large.

StashBandz sizing chart:

It should fit slightly snugly so that there is no bounce when you’re running. Fabric stretches, but you should anyway try to find the right size for you.


This product is a waist pack with four large pockets, so it can be your travel money belt and your running belt at the same time.

Extra wide pockets fit phones of all sizes, like iPhone X and 8 plus.

It is extra wide and can fit large items like your phone, passport, license, and more.

Colors and material

It is unisex, and you can choose from a variety of colors – Black, Ivory, Aqua, Hot Pink, Neon, Green, Royal Blue, and Dark Grey.

It is made of stretchy spandex, but anyway picking the right size for you is very important.

One really good point about StashBandz is that it keeps your phone and other belongings dry and bacteria-free because of its Spandex fabric and antibacterial treatment. The fabric is not completely waterproof though, but moisture and sweat-resistant.


  • It has four large pockets (pocket size 6″ x 8″).
  • one concealed zipper pocket.
  • It is six inches high with spacious pockets measuring eight inches each, and a vertical stretch of seven inches.
  • It is made of Spandex which is durable and soft.
  • It is a sports gear that is multi-purpose since you can use it for travel, workouts, etc.
  • seven colors to choose from: Black, Ivory, Aqua, Hot Pink, Neon, Green, Royal Blue, and Dark Grey.
StashBandz Running Belt


  • It is a hands-free solution and is convenient to use.
  • It can be used as a money and running belt, waist pack, insulin pump belt, and travel belt.
  • It can work as an ice or heat pack for backaches or menstrual cramps.
  • It has large pockets which can fit even large items like your phone and wallet.
  • It is made of Spandex which is comfortable and will keep your body cool.


  • You have to choose the right size for you. Otherwise, it will not fit properly and will not hold your items in place.

Here is a short video explanation about StashBandz:

Features Explained

The waist belt is six inches high, which is double the size of other competitive products on the market today.

Each of its pockets measures eight inches wide and its vertical stretch is seven inches. It is also made of Spandex fabric which is durable but soft at the same time.

It can keep your body fresh and your stuff dry even with all the sweat during and after exercising.

It has four large pockets and a concealed zipper which can fit small to large items like your phone, money, keys, wallet, passport, license, and more.

It can also be used as an insulin pump holder, or an ice or heat pack for backaches, cramps, or menstrual pains. You can use this if you want to go hands-free while watching a concert or when you do your shopping.

Furthermore, this belt comes in different colors and is unisex. Choosing the right fit is the key to giving you a hassle-free experience so it can hold your stuff well.

It can be used even when you are doing high-level activities while your things stay dry and safe inside.

Comparison to Other Products

Sprigs Runnig Belt: If you are looking for an adjustable belt, then one option is Sprigs 3 Pocket Adjustable Running Belt.

It offers almost the same features as the StashBandz, but it is an adjustable belt with two sizing options.

It has three zippered pockets. It can be used for exercising, Crossfit, running, weightlifting, or biking.

Sprigs 3 Pocket Adjustable Running Belt

The Verdict

The StashBandz Running Belt can be your best choice because aside from giving you the benefits that the other products also promise to deliver, it also has a larger capacity to fit and hold your items.

The width is almost double the size of the other running belts so you will surely not run out of space.

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