UShake Hands-Free Workout Reflective Waist Pack

UShake Running Belt – Slim But Solid Hiking And Jogging Pouch

Waist packs provide a comprehensive solution to secure your phone and valuables when you run. UShake Slim running belt helps you to jog hands-free.

Waist packs provide an all-around solution to all of the problems an average Joe faces when it comes to securing his personal belongings when exercising.

“UShake” is a registered brand in the United States that focuses on products that can assist people who lead an active life and is always on the move.

Ushake Slim running belt


UShake running belt is made from breathable Lycra and Nylon material.

The material keeps the body of the wearer cool all the while providing protection to their belongings from sweat and water.

The anti-bounce design of the pouch ensures that it won’t cause any problems when you are hitting the gym.

1) Breathable Ultra-light Material

The waist pack is manufactured using ultra-light breathable material that contains Nylon & Lycra in equal proportions. The fabric is resistant to moisture, quick-drying, soft to the touch, and stretchable.

The lightweight feel of the pouch, even after the wearer puts in all of his/her belongings inside it won’t cause a problem during extended periods of usage.

2) The Convenience of Free Size

The belt of the waist pack is capable of fitting around a variety of waist sizes (starting from 25 inches to 42 inches) which is possible due to the integration of a cleverly designed elastic adjustable strap within the belt.

On top of that, the elastic waistband is reinforced so that the pack doesn’t bounce all over the wearer when they are jogging or taking a power walk down the pier!

3) Fits All Smartphones

Modern-day phones all come with larger-than-life screen sizes. While it is convenient on the one hand, on the other, it is a matter of great concern as most pockets can accommodate the huge phablet!

The waist pack from USHake is compatible with all popular, large-screen SmartPhone models including the iPhone Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note Series, etc.

4) Storage Space Compartments

The waist pack is cleverly designed and has two, very spacious compartments completely secured with highly durable zippers.

The compartments are roomy enough for storing a smartphone with a 5.5-inch screen along with other valuables like passports, keys, credit cards, etc.

There is a hole in-built into the surface of the waist pack for passing the wire of the headphone.

This is a pretty impressive feature from the company and an example of the commitment they put into the conceptualization of the product during the pre-production stage.

5) Water, Sweat, And Moisture Resistance

A waist pack needs to be resistant to water, sweat, and a little rain when the person using it is outdoors.

Keeping valuables like phones, wallets, and important documents like ID cards, credit cards, etc. is of utmost importance while working out.

Users are asked to keep in mind that the waist pack is not suitable for use when fully immersed in water.

6) Safety Features

The front side of the waist pack is equipped with three reflective strips that get illuminated when there is a light source within 3 meters.

The sole purpose of these reflective strips is to provide the wearer with protection against vehicles plying on the road especially in the early hours or on poorly lit roads while jogging at night.


  • Unisex design & color (suitable for both men & women)
  • Adjustable waist belt (from waist sizes 27 to 43 inches)
  • Made from Nylon/Lycra mixed material for lightweight & durability
  • The material feels soft to the touch & anti-irritating to the skin
  • Comes equipped with an access port for headphone wire
  • Sweat/water/Moisture resistance
  • Dual compartments with durable, heavy-duty zippers
  • Capable of accommodating 5-inch Smartphones
  • Breathable material


  • Not suitable for phones with a screen size larger than 6 inches

How Does the Product Serve Your Needs?

This running belt from the UShake can provide enough room to carry your valuables when you are on the move.

Items like smartphones, keys, credit/identification cards, etc. can be securely stored within the pack safe from pickpockets, a little rain, sweat, and moisture.

The pack is made from breathable material with a reinforced waist belt. It is elastic enough for all waist sizes but tight enough to keep the pack from bouncing when working out or jogging.

How is the product different from its competitors?

If a comparison is made between the UShake Hands-free Workout Reflective Waist Pack and one of its competing products like the Freetoo Running Belt, it can be readily seen that two of the major features that make the USHake an unbeatable one viz.

The reflective safety strip and the breathable material construction are absent in the one from Freetoo.


The UShake running belt offers resistance to water, sweat, and moisture that keeps the contents within safe from all of the above during workout sessions at the gym.

All in all, this is a deal breaker if a person is looking for a waist pack that is both affordable and does the job it is made for perfectly.

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