FlipBelt Zipper Review

FlipBelt Zipper Review

If you are looking for a running belt that is comfortable and secure, there is no better choice than the FlipBelt Zipper. This running belt features four openings. You will find two in the front and two in the back.

The manufacturer has enhanced the security of the older version with its extra secure zipper pocket. Aside from this, you can also use it as a travel belt, accommodating passports, credit cards, and other important items you often use.

Further, it is also used for larger smartphones such as the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Note. Overall, this product is easy to use. You just have to step into it like how you wear pants, and then place it in your preferred position on your hips.

It fits so well that you might forget that you are wearing it. It does not also bounce or shift as you walk, jog, or sprint. Slide in your belongings through the access points and secure your keys on the sewn-in clip. There are zipper pockets, too.

This FlipBelt Zipper running belt is made of Micropoly and Lycra,soit is moisture-wicking, stretchy, and quick-drying. It also has a 3M reflective safety logo. With all of these features, you are sure to feel more secure wherever you are going

Features of FlipBelt Zipper

  • A comfortable running belt available in four colors: aqua, black, hot pink, and carbon
  • Features four openings found at the front and back
  • Includes an extra secure zipper pocket and an inside key hook
  • A great travel belt that is also ideal for walking, hiking, biking, and more
  • Lightweight and easily fits the body so that it won’t bounce or shift while moving
  • Easy to use and wear like how you wear pants
  • Secures belongings such as passports, money, and more
  • Made of 92 percent Micropoly and eight percent Lycra for moisture wicking, quick drying, and softness against the skin
  • Stretchy, machine-washable, great for air drying
  • Includes a reflective 3M Safety logo
  • Made to carry fit larger phones like iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Notes


When it comes to high-quality running belts, the FlipBelt Zipper is definitely one of the best choices on the market. It has become a favorite of many fitness and travel enthusiasts because it is easy to use, snug, and comfortable, which are the qualities that the brand has always been known for. With 4.4/5 stars of satisfaction, this product is surely worth the price of $35.

This running belt is an improved version of the original that was released in 2015. The manufacturer added a zipper to enhance the security of your belongings. This is indeed a better version of the running belt that also shows that the manufacturer is aware of common complaints about the original. Now, the zipper version is better able to hold money, a single key, and phones while running or walking.

Aside from this feature, a lot of purchasers commend the product for its overall design. Unlike other brands, this one does not have any fasteners that cause discomfort while moving.

This design minimizes or eliminates bouncing and shifting so that you can go about your activities as if you are not wearing a running belt at all. It fits perfectly around your hips, making it ideal for those who have to cover longer runs. Simply wear it like how you wear pants, adjust to the right level, and you are good to go.

Furthermore, it has also maintained the great ease of use that many have pointed out before. Reviewers said that getting your phone from the belt and inserting it back is the easiest out of any belt they had.

It is possible to distribute the other objects around the belt to spread the weight or bulk, too. Moreover, the zipper pocket looks and feels durable. It is also larger, with storage big enough to hold larger phones.


While there are so many good reviews about the product, there are also downsides worth noting. One of the things that you cannot do is to adjust the size. This will be a problem if you are not sure of your size. Some reviewers recommend that you order a smaller size if you are unsure. Aside from this, the running belt is also noticeably more expensive than the other bestsellers.

Though the running belt looks waterproof, it is far from being so. However, it quickly dries after washing, and that is good enough.


The Flipbelt Zipper is convincingly one of the running belts with a great design. It is indeed a significant upgrade from what people were used to in the past. It is good that the product retains its ease of use and some useful features. Despite the downsides of the product, it is still worth the price. Just make sure that you get the right size.

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