PakRat Running Belt Review

PakRat Running Belt Review (Comfortable Belt With 3 Large Pockets)

Wondering how to take your phone with you when you run? How to take your valuables with you on your next run? Carrying them in a pouch would be inconvenient.

Fortunately, there’s a super comfy belt for runners — the PakRat running belt:

  • It is built with durable materials to secure a tight fit.
  • It has pockets where you can place your things and carry them with you.
  • Some come with water bottles to help you keep hydrated.
  • Others simply come with pockets, sometimes expandable, so you have the freedom to bring small things.

There are few factors to consider when choosing a running belt:

  1. Belt use: Ask yourself why you need a running belt. Some running belts are designed for long runs, others are for shorter runs. Make sure that the running belt meets your expectations and needs
  2. Tight fit: The running belt should securely fit around your waist. It should not bounce or loosen as you move. Know your waistline size before shopping for a running belt
  3. Does the running belt have enough pockets or storage space for your valuables? What do you usually take with you when you run? Consider the things that you are going to carry during the run

Tired of choosing from hundreds of running belts in stores?

Here’s a good one: the PakRat running belt.

PakRat Running Belt

The PakRat Running Belt is made of high-quality fabric that is breathable and dries quickly. It stays cool and keeps you comfortable even while running.

It has a fold-over security flap to keep your things secure and prevent them from bouncing as you move. This feature makes it easy to use.

Simply load in your things and fold it down to lock them in place.

It also comes with a hidden key clip.

You can put more things in PakRat Running Belt. It has three large pockets. Front pocket can easily accommodate larger phones, like iPhone 8 plus with a case. And if you still haven’t got wireless earphones, you can also listen to music with its convenient opening for earphone cord. And for storage, you can place your earphones in either pack pocket.

To keep you visible in dark conditions, it comes with a reflective 3M logo. It reflects light when it is dark outside, so you stay visible under any circumstances.

No bounce, comfy fit, and ample storage.

The PakRat Running Belt comes with a 1-year warranty. It is made in the US so it guarantees high-quality materials and construction.

You can use it in other outdoor activities aside from running, such as travel, hiking, biking, walking the dogs, nursing the baby, music fests, and sightseeing.

There’s a lot that you can do with the PakRat!

PakRat sizing

The PakRat is intended for both men and women. It comes in a wide variety of sizes so it can fit many waist sizes.

Which size is right for me? Take a look at the chart to help you find the correct size.

If you still can’t decide, then get the size that you typically wear with pants. If you are between two sizes, choose the smaller size.

How to use PakRat?

Tips and tricks for using the PakRat Running Belt:

  1. Step into your belt logo side front.
  2. Lift the security flap up.
  3. Now you´ll find the largest pocket which is in the front. It’s like a sweatshirt pocket so you can access it from both sides.
  4. The front pocket is the place to keep your cell phone and other necessities, like cash/credit cards and running gels.
  5. The best place to keep your credit card and cash is against the side seam.
  6. In the back, there are two smaller pockets for smaller items.
  7. The right-hand back pocket has a key clip for added protection.
  8. When you have packed your stuff, fold the flip down so that everything stays in place.
  9. You can wear your belt over or under your shirt.

Pros and cons

In addition to the many features here is a list of pros and cons, and it comes with more pros than cons.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Secure fit
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Three large pockets
  • With reflective logo
  • Great for off-road motorcycling
  • Can be used for other outdoor activities
  • Convenient
  • With warranty
  • High-quality fabric


  • Size down


The PakRat running belt is a very functional and comfortable running belt. It can hold many things like money, cellphone, keys, cards, etc. in its 3 large pockets. It is easy to use; simply wear it around your waist, load in your things, and fold it over to secure them. You can also place your earphones in any part of this running belt.

The PakRat also keeps you visible in dark conditions with its 3M logo that reflects bright light after sunset or before dawn. It comes in different sizes intended for men and women.

The PakRat stays in place and keeps the load tight without bouncing or loosening.

One tip though: When choosing the size, choose one size down, especially if you intend it for running. You can also use it for other outdoor activities to keep your hands free.

Another kind of running belt similar to the PakRat running belt is the StashBandz Running Belt.

StashBandz Running Belt

It is also a soft and wide belt with lots of storage area.

Here is our review of Stashbandz.

Have a good run!

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