Activity Belt Pouches: Your Phones Best Companion

 Activity Belt Pouches: Your Phones Best Companion

We use mobile phones every single day, and every single moment. It is a part of our daily lives. As a matter of fact, most people cannot leave home without it. Aside from cellular phones, mobile phone accessories are also very important. These are not only used for style and fashion purposes but also for protection and safety as well.

Thousands of people put their cell phones in their pockets. If you carry your phone in the back pocket of your pants, you may end up sitting on it and damaging your phone. If you carry your phone in your shirt pocket, it may get moisture from your body heat. Some put their phones in the side pocket of their pants thus increasing the risk of dropping their phones.

Manufacturers warn consumers never to place their phones closer than one inch from their body. This is one of the reasons why many people, most especially the women, carry their mobile phones in bags and purses.

It is a safe place to put your phone but you will also most likely miss a text or call. Also, most people don’t think it is convenient to carry a purse or bag all the time most especially when they go jogging.

Ease of Use of Activity Belt Pouches

Activity belt pouches are accessories that you can use to keep your phones safe. These belt pouches hold mobile phones and similar gadgets in an accessible position. They are very convenient to use especially while traveling.

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They are not only functional but they also look very stylish. People can also keep their valuables like credit cards, headphones, keys and money besides their mobile phones. A mobile phone is much safer in belt pouches than in pockets or purses.

Mobile phone cases, belt pouches and protective covers are used to keep phones safe from environmental effects and also to carry it conveniently. They also protect phones from moisture, scratches, cracking, and abrasion. They can also reduce mobile phone radiation. These accessories keep you safe in case your phone battery explodes accidentally.

Carry your phone with ease and style while keeping it safe by using activity belt pouches. The comfortable and soft to wear belt pouches offer a perfect solution for carrying items that you use on a daily basis. It has a spacious central zippered compartment. It is really the ideal choice for people who are searching for a hands-free carry-all solution.

This particular belt pouch is designed to fit almost all waist sizes. With this accessory, you will always know where your phone is and you will not miss a message or call ever again. You can check your phone with ease and you can gain access to it faster compared to putting it inside your bag or pocket.

Activity Belt Pouches: Pros

COMPATIBILITY: Fits all phone sizes up to 3.5″ x 6.5″, including iPhone 7, 6 and 6S plus. It is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy S series and LG G5, among many others.

  • PROTECTION: This belt pouch protects your phone from sweat, moisture, and scratches, among many others. You do not have to worry about dropping your phone.
  • EASE OF USE: It includes a handy reflective zipper pouch and a headphone access port.
  • STORAGE: It also includes storage pouches for identification cars, credit cards, and cash. It has pouches to separate items that can scratch your phone such as keys.
  • MATERIALS: It is made from highly durable Neoprene and elastic band. It will not slip and bounce while you are running or jogging.


  • INTERIOR COMPARTMENT LIMITATIONS: If you have a bigger phone, you can put limited items in the inner slot of the pouch.
  • COLOR VARIANTS: It does not come in various colors. This item only comes in black.
  • SCROLLING YOUR MUSIC PLAYLIST: Scrolling your music playlist is quite difficult while you are jogging since you need to pull out your phone to see the screen.

How Do They Stand Out

The opening for a set of headphones gives this product a huge advantage among its competitors. You can make use of your headphones without worrying about your other items falling out of the pouch. The pouch itself is soft and sturdy making it the perfect product that you can use for your outdoor activities.

The elastic band is adjustable, thus providing comfort while wearing it. The user can adjust the belt according to his preference. The snap is secure and easy to fasten. It is lightweight and the user won’t even notice that he is wearing one.

The small compartment helps to separate items that can scratch your phone such as coins and keys. The pouch does not bounce when you jog thus making your running activities more enjoyable and worry-free. You do not have to check the pouch too often to see if you have dropped something. Take calls easily without bumping into other people while jogging. The item does not absorb sweat making your device free from any moisture.

Why You Should Buy It

If you like to engage in outdoor activities such as running, biking or jogging then this is the right product for you. You can bring your phone, cash, ID cards and even your keys without worrying.

Keep your belongings safe and secure while doing sports activities. You can also use it when you go to school, work or even going to the mall. Generally, you can take it everywhere you go.

This is a simple but very reliable accessory that will make your life easier. No more worrying about damaging, dropping or scratching your phone. You will not miss a call or message while jogging or biking since your phone is within reach at any time you want. This is one investment that is really worth it.