The Top 5 Fitness Trends in 2018

Now you should register for group training lessons and especially for HIIT training, as they are predicted to fill out fast this year.

The American College of Sports Medicine announced an extensive annual survey of next year’s sports and fitness trends.

According to the study, in 2018 the socialization of sport and its importance in human well-being is emphasized.

Group exercise programs rose from the previous year’s forecast of sixth place to second place.

1. HIIT (Heavy Interval Training)

HIIT has been a fashionable form of training for many years, and according to studies, it is very efficient and useful for fat burning.

Interval training keeps your heart rate high, and its average duration is only 20-30 minutes.

The popularity of HIIT training is explained by the busy lives of people in which they are looking for fast and powerful forms of exercise.

According to Fitness First Magazine, this year’s HIIT training will also bring a more relaxed LIIT, i.e. low-power interval training.

The LIIT training lasts 30-40 minutes longer than HIIT and can be as easy as walking. When walking combines intervals, it burns the same amount of calories as a hard-working interval bit.

These you need for indoor use:

  • flexible exercise clothes
  • indoor shoes
  • exercise pads and
  • a drinking bottle

For outdoor sports:

  • good walking or running shoes as well as
  • clothing according to weather conditions
  • and waist pack

2. Group exercise

People are increasingly interested in their psychological and mental well-being of themselves on top of physical well-being.

Exercising with friends can bring you more holistic prosperity, and many people want social interaction in their free time. Group exercise lessons are also more affordable than private lessons.

One of this year’s trends is also predicted to be the popularity of more low-cost fitness.

So no need to pay expensive membership fees, as professional video tutorials, blogs, and apps can be found more on the web than before. With friends, you can agree to joint training at home or outdoors.

What you need to get you started for home training:

  • a kettlebell
  • a dumbbell set
  • resistance bands and
  • a gym mat and gym ball

3. Measuring your body

New technology tools and apps do not work for you, but they will help you get more out of your training.

The popularity of wearable technology is predicted to remain high this year too. The smartwatch and activity tracker are the standards for more and more fitness enthusiasts.

In 2018, undoubtedly, further steps will be taken toward practicing virtual reality.

Virtual reality makes running on a treadmill and biking on an indoor cycling trainer more fun when you get it combined with your exercise.

These you need:

  • The activity tracker is much more than a pedometer.
  • For example, Polar’s activity tracker follows your activity and your sleep quality and guides you through adopting a healthy and sporty lifestyle.

4. Body Weight Training

Long before any high-tech gym equipment athletes relied on something else to build muscular strength and endurance – their bodies.

It does not cost anything and it can be done indoors or outdoors. With body weight, you can make efficient movements, such as bumps, jaws, burbee, jumps, stomachs, and more.

This year, the world of fitness is talking more and more about “self-limiting exercise”, self-restraining, and restrictive practice. It includes muscular movements that require balance, body management, and concentration.

These moves include, for example, a single leg deadlift, jaw pulling, and kettlebell press.

You do not necessarily need any tools, but you can develop your body and muscles with the help of these:

  • weight vest
  • wheel roller and
  • pull up bars or stall bars

5. Strength training

In addition to bodyweight training, strength training will always be a fitness trend. Strength training is essential for women and men of all ages and levels. It is even more important for older adults.

A beginner should do a training program with a fitness instructor. Strength training alone is not enough, so it’s also vital to do aerobic exercises and stretch.

Rowing machines have been the most undervalued piece of equipment at the gym, but rowing is predicted to be this year’s fashion sport, as it carries the whole body musculature.

Rowing uses your full body. It is anticipated to take over spinning, which mostly affects on your legs. Rowing is an excellent aerobic exercise in addition to strength training.

What you need:

  • Gym membership
  • lifting straps and
  • weightlifting belt

as well as for home

  • dumbbell set
  • resistance bands, and
  • kettlebell

What about older adults?

One more fitness trend for 2018 that needs an extra mention: fitness programs for older adults.

There is a booming market of older adults who are now retiring healthier than previous generations.

In 2018, there may be more unique classes and fitness programs designed for retired people looking to make fitness a priority.

Of course, gyms still target most of their efforts to younger gym-goers, but some gyms fill the slower times during the day with programs tailored to retired people.

So we can state that older adults are welcomed back to fitness centers.

We can see more and more health and fitness professionals creating fitness programs to keep older adults healthy and active.

And we can also find personal trainers that are over 60, and the advantage for them is that they can more easily relate to senior issues.

Sources: American College of Sports Medicine and Fitness First Magazine.

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