How to Hold Phone While Running for Absolute Convenience and Safety

How to Hold Phone While Running for Absolute Convenience and Safety

Each of us is guilty of not letting go of our phones even while we run even if we all know that they tend to be a terrible combination.

Most of us have a separation anxiety and fear that we might miss an urgent call or message, or worse, miss a like on our Instagram profile. So, you need to find some ways on how to hold a phone while running so that it will be safe as well as convenient for you.

In order to keep your hands free while enjoying the benefits of a phone, you need to have the right phone holder

Of course, you always have the option of not having your phone on you while you are running. However, there are useful reasons for having your phone when you are running. They tend to be an excellent replacement to track your run especially if you do not have a Fitbit. Fitbit and the likes tend to be pricey, and if the phone does a similar job for you, it only makes sense to have that on you. At times we also use it to listen to music while running.

Hence, if you still intend to bring your phone during your run, there are products that you can use to assist you.

How to Hold Phone While Running: The Recommended Products

Now, holding a phone in your hand while you are running is a big no-no. Not only is it unsafe for you while you run, but you also risk the possibility of your phone being thrown into the air, thanks to your sweaty fingers. So, what is the best solution to manage this juggling act between you and your phone?

  • Armbands

Armbands are the most common and affordable products out on the market to conveniently hold your phone around as you run. A good quality armband should be made out of a sweatproof neoprene material which is essential as such is not only durable but also avoid any kind of chafing or slipping.

The cover should be touch sensing which means that you will not need to pull out your phone when you want to access it. Good armbands will also work if you touch it through with your sweaty fingers. There should also be a slot that should allow you to carry some cash, cards or IDs. Moreover, there should also be reflectors, so that it will be safe to use at night.

  • Running Shorts with Phone Pockets

Don’t confuse these running shorts with any kind of sportswear that you own. These running shorts are exclusively created for runners, and they have an exact spot on the side in order to help you store your phone conveniently.

Most of these are waterproof compression shorts, and they will have at least two pockets that are water-resistant.

Likewise, the pockets are well fitted and created in such a manner that they will ensure they provide you with jostle-free movement. So, you can run as fast as you can without the fear of your phone falling out and breaking into pieces.

  • Running Belt

Do you remember those fanny packs (or bum bags) you used to wear as a kid? The running belt is vaguely similar to that, but it is a whole lot cooler. It is a great combination of the armband and the pack.

The cover should be touchscreen compatible which means you will not need to fish your phone out from the belt.

Additionally, it should sit comfortably on the waist and allows you to store some small essentials along with you. A good quality running belt will be waterproof and have a couple of storage pockets as well.

  • Hydration Belt

The whole purpose of a hydration belt is to hold the bottles of water for you and keep you hydrated while you run. However, most hydration belts come along with a small pouch that will allow you to store your phone along with other essentials.

One downside that is identified with this is that you will not be able to access your phone without taking it out from the pouch as the belt’s primary objective is to keep you hydrated. On the other hand, the upside is that amongst all the products we have listed, the hydration belt has the most storage space.

We can say with certainty that choosing any one of these products to hold your phone for you while running will serve its purpose fabulously. Now that we’ve listed them, let’s move on to listing places where you should never store your phone.

Where to Store a Mobile Phone While Running: The Wrong Places

  • Inside Your Bra: Most women are quite guilty of doing this. A sports bra may appear to be ideal to put your phone in since it can easily be accessed and safe from the eyes of thefts. However, we can assure you that that’s a bad idea. For starters, the phone will get immersed deep into the cleavage as you pick up the pace. In worse cases, it can also possibly damage your phone as you will constantly sweat and it will go on your phone.
  • Inside the Shoe: It is a known fact that when you run just a mile, you take about 2000 steps to do so. So, if you put your phone inside your shoe, the chances of it getting crushed while you run are supremely high.
  • Near the Calf within the Compression Socks: The whole purpose of compression socks is that it should squeeze the lower part of the leg so that you have an increased level of blood flow. Now, if you put your phone inside the compression sock, it will definitely hold it down in place. Unfortunately, since the socks are very tight, the phone will leave an imprint on the skin that is already tender with all the running.

Final Conclusion

The primary rule on how to hold phone while running is to not use your hands for you to be safe and comfortable. Hence, in order to keep your hands free while enjoying the benefits of a phone, you need to have the right phone holder.

The products we have listed for you are the best kinds of phone holders on the market and will ensure that you are comfortable and the phone is safe. Nonetheless, be certain not to compromise on the quality of these products as they are holding down the phone for you.

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