How to Wear a Running Belt

Tips on How to Wear a Running Belt

A lot of people today are getting more and more enamored with the concept of healthy living. One reason is that unlike before, there are so many gadgets and accessories that make working out more effective and fun.

One great example of those is a running belt. Like shoes, a running belt or a waist belt comes with different designs and purposes. Most of them allow the user to carry water, gel packs, smartphones, and wallets conveniently.

However, the only way to appreciate it is to learn how to wear a running belt properly.

5 Tips for Wearing a Running Belt

Step 1

Tuck your shirt into your shorts or pants before wearing the running belt. This way, you do not have to pull your shirt just to access to your belt and the things in it.

Step 2

Wear the belt around your waist. You should place it on your belly button line. Then make the adjustments to fit your size. If you wear the belt too low or around your hips, it has a higher chance of slipping off as you move.

Step 3

Secure the belt by fastening the Velcro or clasp closure. It should look and feel nice and snug. Wearing it tightly will minimize excessive bounce or jiggle while running.

Step 4

Insert the water bottles. If you are using a hydration belt for running, insert the filled water bottles last to avoid getting wet as you wear it around your waist.

Experts advise to hydrate yourself with a half cup of water every 10 to 15 minutes if you are doing endurance sports.

Step 5

Add small lead weights in the pockets or use the water bottle for weight. These weights can help you burn more calories during any activity, specifically running.

Advantages of Running With a Waist Belt

Running belts are more than just an added accessory to make runners look cooler on the road. They are now a must-have for those who are looking to enhance their performance and comfort worry-free.

While this sport is straightforward, many die-hard runners love the technical aspect of it.

So now that you know the right way to wear a running belt, it is time to discover the other benefits of a waist pack.

1. Pocket Space

Running shorts and armbands do not have enough pocket space for all your belongings. Having large pockets is very important, especially for those who are running alone.

When you have to call someone for help because of an unexpected incident, you can access your phone right away.

Running Belt Max

If you want some music while running, the running belt has more than enough space for your phone or music player, too.

2. Comfort

Jogging while holding something valuable in your hand is annoying and uncomfortable. It is also tiring in the long run.

Since you are doing exercise, your hands are more prone to sweat, making whatever you are holding slippery.

Aside from this, you are also risking hand cramps and fatigue from holding a constant clenching position. A running belt solves these issues.

3. Suits your style and needs

Running belts have a wide market, which only means a wide variety of choices. That also means that you will get the running belt that you like.

There are a lot of choices on the market, so surely, you will find something that comes in your favorite color, complete with amazing features and a cool price. Just do some research and read reviews online.

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4. Builds mental strength

Running belts eliminate distractions from your workout. Thus, they help train your mind and discipline it.

This is also true with training for endurance sports, which often requires mental conditioning. This extra help will make you focus your mind more on what you are doing.

5. Useful for everyday use

While it is designed for running, there is no stopping you from using it for any other activities. For instance, you can use it as a travel belt where you can secure your passport, credit cards, and keys. You may also wrap it around your waist while hiking or trekking, too.


6. Keeps your Phone Warm in Low Temperatures

During a run in cold weather, you should protect your phone from freezing and dying. Keep your phone as close to your body as possible to take advantage of that heat source.

In other words, you should store it in an elastic running belt around your waist rather than in a pocket on your outermost layer of clothing.

The Bottom Line

Whatever you are up to, the running belt should keep you organized and comfortable.

This video shows some tips and special features of the Fitletic Hydration Belt. Belt has two water bottles, a phone pocket, and an interior pocket for keys and cards, etc. It has also loops to hold energy gels on hand. You can choose between two sizes and plenty of colors.

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